John Rochford

John is a highly qualified professional security consultant and trainer with expertise in preparing clients for work in potentially hostile environments. He retired from the Defence Forces in 2012 having served 36 years.

While serving in the Defence Forces John gained extensive experience training soldiers to survive and work in dangerous and potentially hostile environments such as Lebanon, Liberia, Chad, Ethiopia and Eretria. He has extensive overseas service in regions such as: Lebanon, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and the USA. This training experience and overseas service have now found a new focus with Eurocheck such as training International NGO’s to live and work in hostile environments. During a client’s training John endeavours to engrain in his students a broad security awareness that will contribute to their safety and security while working overseas.

Since leaving the Defence Forces John has also engaged in an extensive academic study to gain third level qualifications in adult education, training and development in areas such as: Management of Training and Education, The Learning Process, Critical Thinking Skills, Coaching and Mentoring.

John has been a trainer and security consultant with Eurocheck since 2012 and now delivers training to the International NGO community, human rights workers, volunteers and students travelling or working in potentially hostile environments.