Course Descriptions

Our intensive training courses are aimed at NGOs, Journalists, Human Rights Workers and Students who are planning to visit or work in low/medium/high-risk hostile environments.
They will help you to prepare properly for your mission and for unexpected events that you may encounter while on a mission. We are glad to advise you on the type and level of training that may be required when travelling to a particular area.

“These courses are also suitable as a refresher for individuals who have served overseas on previous occasions.
Organisations are welcome to contact us if you have specific training requirements as we can adjust our courses to suit your needs.”


Our main training centre is close to Newbridge in County Kildare but if you have suitable facilities at or close to your location we may be able to conduct the Training Course there.

Course Dates:

We are currently running several courses a month. Please contact us re-availability.

Frequency of Training Dates:

We have at the moment, a number of courses planned out for the year ahead. We are also conducting a number of other private Training Courses for organisations both in Ireland and around the World. With a reasonable amount of notice, we are usually in a position to conduct Training Courses outside of the currently planned dates.

Our available courses are: