Hostile Environment Courses

Our Training Courses

Suitable for individuals and groups that travel to potentially hostile locations for anything from a few hours up to a few months. The amount and type of Security Awareness and Hostile Environment training required will vary from Group to Group. Our basic hostile environment course is usually the best option for many but we can tailor the course to suit a groups particular requirement.

Basic Hostile Environment Course

Subjects on this three day Course include:

  • Introduction to Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Pre Mission Planning and Preparation
  • Personnel Security Awareness
  • Accommodation Security
  • Office/Workplace Security
  • Travel Security
  • First Aid including Trauma
  • Use of Communications Equipment
  • Checkpoint & Roadblock Procedures
  • Country-Specific Brief
  • Checkpoint and Carjacking procedures
  • Avoiding and dealing with sexual assault
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Avoiding and dealing with kidnap
  • Introduction to landmines and unexploded devices, IEDs, shelling and crossfire procedures

Advanced Hostile Environment Course

Our four-day advanced hostile course includes all of the above but with increased exercises and roleplays.

Costs: The three-day basic hostile course costs €550 and the cost of the four-day advanced hostile course is €650. These costs do not include travel or accommodation costs.