Ciara Ware

Ciara is a highly trained professional in the fields of human resources and security with 20 years extensive experience in the disciplines of training, recruitment, personal development and coaching working across multiple business functions.

24 years service in the Defence Forces has contributed extensively to experiences & education in the disciplines of HR and security, alongside personal & professional development. This has also been achieved through counselling and mentoring young adults in education and in the workplace.

Extensive study & practice in the area of personal development with the achievement of considerable skills in mentoring, coaching, conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution and mediation. This has often involved supporting remote locations as a point of contact in order to ensure the effective and timely resolution of issues.

Ciara has been a trainer and consultant with Eurocheck since 2010 providing training and support to Irish and international NGOs, human rights workers, volunteers and students travelling to or working in potentially hostile environments.

Ciara has extensive overseas experience and has the following qualifications:

  • MSc Educational Guidance & Counselling
  • BSc Business Management
  • Dip in Industrial Relations & Management