Client Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials from our clients. Names and companies withheld on request.

“It was good to hear about security incidents from different countries and the conclusions and suggestions from the trainers.”

“It was amazing and looked like real. I learnt a lot from this exercise.”

“The trainers were excellent and the information shared was very relevant.”

“Excellent – very informative and will take a lot from this.”

“Although I froze, I’m just mystified how quickly it can happen.”

“Absolutely fantastic and just like the real thing.”

“That was as realistic as it can be.”

“Learnt a lot from this exercise. This will support us in normal life as well.”

“The course content is well thought out. The trainers understand the context we work in.”

“Overall an excellent course and would recommend. The whole training team completely knew how to get the point/information across to everyone.”

“I found all of the practical exercises on the “Burma Road” really good. They helped to reinforce and help recall what we had learned and highlighted how simple oversights can get the team in unnecessary trouble.”

“Thank you for this hostile training, learned and enjoyed.”

“All the sections were really very interesting and useful. We really enjoyed everything. The trainers were very friendly, successful, experienced.”

“Great trainers, experienced, friendly in teaching.”

“Everything was beyond my expectations. Trainers, course content, facility and practical evacuation etc all were excellent. I learnt a lot and enjoyed it. I will remember the training and will practice when back on mission.”