Training Centres

Our main training centres in Ireland are in Kildare and our main training centre in Europe is in the Hague. However our training can be conducted at any suitable location in order to give individuals and groups easier access. Over the last two years, we have conducted our security awareness and hostile environment training throughout Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

In order to make the training as beneficial and enjoyable as possible, much of the training is conducted outdoors and consists of exercises and practical workshops.

The shorter security awareness courses which are often conducted for 2nd and 3rd Level Students can usually be conducted at the School / College involved.

For corporate or NGO Groups, these shorter courses can usually be conducted at the group’s facility or nearby thus reducing the cost of the course and causing little disruption to work schedules.

Team Building Hostile Environment Exercises

Because our hostile environment exercises are so realistic, our clients have also requested that these exercises be carried out with their office based staff in order to give them an insight into what the organisations staff on the ground could encounter.

We also conduct these types of team building exercises for corporate groups when required.