Assessing your Security Needs

So why do we need this type of Training?

The World has become a very dangerous place and because we are now travelling to a much greater extent we need to be better prepared to identify the potential dangers, plan for those dangers, avoid them if possible and deal with them if we have no choice.

Who should receive training and what should that training consist of?

Travelling and working overseas can for many be a daunting and dangerous task. Employers and Team Leaders need to ensure that those working for and with them are properly prepared for the potential dangers they may encounter.

Individuals also have a responsibility to themselves, their team and their family to ensure they are properly prepared before venturing to potentially dangerous locations.

Who we provide Training for:

Initially those receiving our training consisted of various military and police units, wildlife expeditions and journalists but this soon broadened to include volunteer charity, health and human rights workers, non governmental organisations, corporate groups, business men and women and students operating in potentially hostile environments.


Having adequate insurance packages in place is a vital part of any mission. We advise on the insurance that should be in place and will put you in contact with a reputable leading insurance provider familiar with your requirements.