Related Training & Mission Support

In order to offer as much flexibility as possible to clients training requirements, we have designed several other courses which have been used successfully to improve the overall skill set and motivation in organisations.

These courses include:

  • Map Reading & Hand Held GPS Training
  • Team Building Hostile Environment Exercises
  • Checkpoint, Kidnap and Hostage Exercises

Threat / Risk Assessments and Country Specific Security Audits

We conduct threat / risk assessments and security audits of the area you are going to operate in and we will if required, visit and audit your facilities and environment to ensure that you and your team are properly secured.

Set up and Mentoring of Security, Logistical, Communications, Medical, Training & Operations Requirements

We have found that many groups move into an area at short notice and that this deployment is often of a short duration.

As a result, they often do not have the resources or experience to set up or put in place the required security, logistical, communications, medical, training and operational arrangements.

In order to further assist our clients, we have put in place solutions to help solve this problem. As a result we can organise and put in place all of the necessary organisational back up.