Our Trainers

Many of our trainers and instructors operating around the world are from military special forces and police backgrounds and have very extensive operational experience. They have a huge amount of experience of working in hostile environments throughout Africa, the Middle East, South America, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia and Eastern Europe.

They have also spent many years training personnel and groups, much of this in very hostile environments.

Willie Nugent

Founder and Managing Director of Eurocheck Security Consultants Limited. Willie served in the Irish Defence Forces for over twenty years, retired with the rank of Captain in 2001 and set up Eurocheck Security Consultants Limited. While serving in the Irish Defence Forces, he served in the Military Police, Army Ranger Wing and the Cavalry Corps. He served three years in South Lebanon as part of UNIFIL (the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon). While he was heavily involved in security, operational and training aspects, he also has extensive experience in the areas of logistics and transport.

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John Rochford

John is a highly qualified professional security consultant and trainer with expertise in preparing clients for work in potentially hostile environments. He retired from the Defence Forces in 2012 having served 36 years.

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Sue Riehn

Sue is our lead medical trainer and has extensive experience as a trainer and as a medic both at home and abroad. We can provide medical training to suit your needs.

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Conor Nugent BA English & History, MA Military History & Strategic Studies, HDip Education

Conor is the newest member of the team and is in charge of our 2nd and 3rd level training. Having worked for several years in commercial security he also looks after our Health & Safety. Conor monitors and mentors our training methods to ensure that the training standard is maintained and kept up to date with modern developments. Conor also monitors the changing terrorist and security threats worldwide to ensure our training is relevant and up to date.

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