Journalists Hostile Environment, War Crimes and First Aid Course

Suitable for:
This very intensive course is designed mainly for Journalists of all types who work in high risk hostile and post conflict environments. It is also suitable for Human Rights Workers. It will help you to prepare properly for your mission and for unexpected events that you may encounter while on mission. Training on identifying and reporting on war crimes, basic security precautions, kidnap, landmines, IEDs, protection and evacuation is included in this course and includes realistic role plays and exercises.

The Emergency First Aid and Medical module which is optional also includes several practical exercises. Please contact us if you have specific training requirements as we can usually adjust our courses to suit your needs.

Location: The course will be conducted at the Kildare Education Centre in Kildare Town, Republic of Ireland, (One hour from Dublin Airport) and at our nearby rural exercise area.

Duration of the Course:
The Two Day Hostile and War Crimes Module
Normal training times: 8.30am to 6pm. After hours work will be conducted and a night time exercise will take place on the evening of day one.

The One Day First Aid and Medical Module
Normal training times: 9am to 6pm.

Frequency of Training Dates:
At the moment, we run one Hostile Environment Course per month. For more information visit our timetable.

Language: English/French

Costs: €500 for the two day Hostile Environment and War Crimes Module including all training materials, lunch and coffee.

€200 for the First Aid and Medical Module including all training materials, lunch and coffee.
Accommodation, transportation to and from the Course and other meals are not included. We can collect you from the nearby Kildare Town Railway Station or from Dublin Airport at no extra charge.
Organisations sending five or more students may avail of a reduced fee. Regular clients also receive this reduction. There is no VAT on training. This price band is subsidised and applies only to Journalists, NGOs, Human Rights, Charity Workers and Students.
The cost of this training for Commercial and Governmental bodies will be €600 and €300 respectively per student but there will also be a reduction in the case of an organisation sending five or more students.

Accommodation can be sourced if required but the following are recommended:
The Silken Thomas in Kildare Town at 0035345522232 or or The Athgarvan Inn in Athgarvan at 0035345481626

Subjects Covered:

  • Hostile Environment and War Crimes Module
  • Global Security
  • Introduction to War Crimes – Crimes against Humanity – Genocide
  • Threat & Risk Assessment and basic Procedures
  • Operations in a worsening situation including Evacuation and Relocation plans
  • Security Awareness and Sexual Assault
  • (Arriving, living and working in a potentially hostile environment)
  • Identified Threats, Checkpoints, Car Jacking, Riots
  • Checkpoint, Carjacking and Hostage Exercises
  • Kidnap and Anti Kidnap Procedures including exercises
  • Landmines and Improvised Explosives Devices. Hands on demonstrations, Procedures and exercises
  • Cover versus Concealment. Protection from shelling and gunfire.
  • Emergency First Aid and Medical Module
  • Breathing, Bleeding, Breaks & Burns
  • Casualty Assessment
  • CPR
  • Medical planning and preparation
  • First Aid Exercises

We would be glad to discuss perspective client’s individual requirements and will adjust the contents of a course if the client is filling the entire course.